15th March 2023

I reside on a most beautiful, idyllic island amidst the Salish Sea portion   of the Pacific Ocean. There are only two sensible reason for deciding to make a home here. Firstly, you have retired from any necessity to make an ongoing day to day living, and secondly, you have sufficient financial stability to exist within for your foreseeable future with the means presently at your disposal.  

This green and gray vista, with all its multitude of undeniable charm, is an economic desolation zone, with not the slightest hope of ever becoming more than its latest format, which is a very   attractive seasonal tourist destination, with all and every accompanying ancillary facility necessary for that purpose.

In its most entertaining journey this thinly top soul covered rock has been quarry, forest orchard, a multitude of useful production facilities, but those prestigious days are long departed, as are the similar histories of a thousand other small communities.

Acceptance, without regret, is the watchword for a probable future. Aglow, unapologetic.

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