10th March 2023

Thanks to the help of a very knowledgeable volunteer I have been able to successfully navigate through the vagaries I have discovered abound most troublesomely within the federal and state health systems.

Till just recently I had succeeded with careful self-management to avoid the necessity of throwing myself onto full mercy of the multifarious systems that aid with medication costs. This was a matter of principle on my part, having decided upon my retirement to avoid if possible adding my personal burden to the already overwhelming cumulative debt.

All went swimmingly well till my latest prescribed heart medication proved to be not only the very finest presently available but also quite extravagantly costly. Unfortunately, the updating of my benefits to cover the additional expense proved quite exceptionally problematic, and without the more than able help I would have sunk beneath the waters of a turbulent administrative whirlpool quite utterly. Assistance do sometimes arrive exactly on queue.  

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