9th March 2023

Throughout my life I have found it possible, indeed preferable, to have friends and acquaintances of all persuasions, social, political, emotional, and religious. This entertaining mix transpired quite naturally, simply by ever retaining on open mind and accepting folks for the qualities they can bring to the party rather than rejecting them outright from attending for presumed reasons that might stop them gelling..

I personally well and truly hid views that would cause considerable disdain or antipathy from many, but I hold them deeply incommunicado when in unfamiliar company, as we all should do, so can interact and mingle fraternally, at minimum purely superficially.

The world we inhabit is for the good or bad almost equally divided on any multiple levels. Thus some semblance of balance is retained in all things, animal, vegetable and mineral. Social, emotional, and political perspectives follow suit accordingly. The nature of the beast must be accepted in all things. Better to welcome differences willingly, than to reject vainly the inevitable.

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