8th March 2023

There is a certain words that are sure to offend me, particularly when used by those who have no real concept of the true meaning or dogma.

Rich and poor are just such descriptors, both suggesting conditions that have no real place in todays society. I would accept penniless and wealthy, for those terms catalogue imaginable scenarios, having no loose or spare change is a problem facing many of our peers, and having a bill fold bulging with excess currency is equally well presented.

I do appreciate you may perceive this differentiating as a mere splitting of hairs, so I will  present some evidentiary  reasoning as some slight defense for my supposition.  

Poor, povre in the old Frensh, do suggest being without, having no means of self-support, no assets of any value whatsoever. ‘Tis also quite aptly an indicator of a psychological state, being down and out, beholden to charity, continually hungry, uncomfortable, a sad measure of a human being. The word delvers and justifies stigma, attracts condescension from all levels of the populus, suggests being submissive to everyone above them in the hierarchy,  accumulates  humiliation from all.

Rich can be equally damming and judgmental. Do suggest self-made money, though labor of some ilk. An individual risen from the ranks of the general population, quite possibly having climbed over the backs of others less aggressive and selfish, but whose financial stability depends, and well ever hang upon, momentary good fortune rather than any fixed tangibility.

To be classified as rich do suggests an overabundance of stuffing, perhaps too much sugar, with a flavor that socially and in realty sticks to the roof of the mouth, is most irritatingly, filling any consumer with the unavoidable urge to choke and vomit.

As with many unpleasantries politicians use these words to pigeon hole, categorize, set one group upon another, excuse bad management, poor social practice. There is no real need in this century to have a brackets labelled poor and rich. For creation of the middle class, with applied good social practice should have equalized all into a happy conglomerate of satisfied souls.

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