3rd March 2023

Whatever the universe might connive to convince you believe there is no more merit in having to struggle and toil endlessly to survive than being comfortable, content and replete, in conditions which are wholly endearing, and notwithstanding profoundly preferable.

Morals and ethics attempt to make ease a negative state, when in actuality the condition is most ideally suited to the human beast. The cloak of laziness slips around our shoulders most comfortably, making us all warm and fuzzy in our appallingly good fortune.

The desire for revolution does not arise from a need to impress universally a state of equality amongst people, rather from direct individual privation and personal struggle to be served a larger portion of the collective pie. Greed and jealousy are ever prime most motivations.

It would be wonderful to conclude that homo sapiens are naturally inclusive and charitable, but in reality such desirable qualities are decidedly taught rather than genetically engineered.

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