28th February 2023

Upon occasion there comes along a tale totally without appropriate or comfortable finish, that can only be hastily eliminated, stricken from the collective memory, erased totally, become as if sacrilege, unrepeatable, heinous, too dangerously destructive, doomed thereafter to remain silenced forever more, and one day longer.

Such poisonous anecdotes do truly exist, they bubble beneath the surface of polite and correct conversion, threaten to spring forth at the unfortunate slip of a tongue, or some casual uncompromised statement of an ancient truth, to date carefully buried by nicety, social convenience, habit, politeness, political expediency.  Grandiose honesty is ever thus censored, carefully cleaned, remorselessly polished to remove any possible trace of primal inflection. For ancient candor can be too blunt, genuine, uninhibited, for either good taste. or sage repetition.   

Humanity is no longer the base creature that crawled from the mire, for better or worse our species has civilized, acquired deviancy, in brute verity at least.

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