27th February 2023

There is nothing more precious than life! And with that realization come the acceptance of an utter fear, terror, abject horror of its extinction, theft, early cancellation, elimination.  But the fear of mortality has become an elderly concept, with other aims taking over immortalities once unapproachable position as the ultimate goal. Position, relevancy, social and historical significance, are presently accepted, even preferred, to good old-fashioned longevity, suggesting, rather too loudly, that fame is the ultimate material possession, and outweighs all other factors.

As an explanation for this change of priorities we are told, in a rather   officious manner, that the record of human achievement is now magically indestructibly contrived, that present renown will remain relevant forever, that all personal accomplishments will linger unabashed and undiluted into the far distant hereafter.

Naturally, such assurances are totally false, erroneous, contemptuous. When we are incapable of preserving our planet, how can anything ethereal be expected to survive?

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