26th February 2023

My memory about my many relationships is crystal clear, most colorful, and thankfully wholly honest, unsanctified, containing no excuses for my consistent failures to manage to control my more unsavory characteristics sufficiently to dilute the ever-growing fears of my partners. I was ever a particularly bad catch, a project in need to serous commitment and endless forgiveness, more problematic than is reasonable to lay upon the shoulders of any another, particularly a comparative stranger who has really no idea of the depth of the task at hand.

I seem to have had a propensity for picking hopeful souls, heartily dissatisfied with their lot in existence.  My ability to seem at once amusing, interested, and unfettered seemed to appeal quite handsomely. My complications are all internal, well concealed, invisible at a casual inspection.   I found being amenable a very easy cloak to wear, handily covering the multitude of inadequacies writhing beneath this well-presented exterior.  But time has graciously made me translucent, and thereby a far less disappointing in the long term.

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