24th February 2023

I am classified as a disabled person. My challenge is not particularly obvious, I am simply dumb, have no ability to communicate verbally, apart from the most guttural of   resemblances to speech. These travesties of articulation I avoid most heartily, preferring the cloak of silence to the embarrassment of their most disturbing cacophony.  

My dilemma is accepted most chivalrously by those aware of my plight, those not familiar with the situation are inclined to take my pensive silence as a sign of rudeness, or a surly nature. I accept these false assumptions as merely a side effect of the condition, in our very verbally orientated society any pause or lack of conversation is taken as good evidence for pointed suspicion.  

I have attempted long and hard to remedy my short falling. through practice, lingual exercises, repetition, but have come to realize that the chain that magically coverts thought into vocal expression is badly damaged, almost entirely broken, and the likelihood of sudden or ever long-term healing in quite improbable, but we endure in our endeavors.

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