23rd February 2023

Our heroes tend to be emotional failures, individuals that though no fault of their own find it impossible to feel the regular joys and miseries of everyday existence. Often resulting of some traumatic event the past, their emotions have been damaged beyond any possibility of easy repair, and they are likely doomed to be stunted in their interactions with other parties as long as they manage to survive their foolhardy ways.

 The ability to constantly put their life indiscriminately upon the line is probably a consequence of this wholly peculiar freedom from the regular human fears and concerns. And ‘tis their utter casualness in the face of extraordinary danger that behooves us mere mortals to admire, nay worship, the lionhearts with such paroxysm.

We commend, applaud, the paragons heartily, but sensibility keeps us from following too closely upon the path they have so fortuitously cleared. Such bravery, foolhardiness, requires a very unique set of qualities, attributes, idiosyncrasies in direct opposition to those need to ensure a long, and successful reign upon this rotating jungle.  

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