21st February 2023

I try very hard to listen to controversial arguments. wasting many an hour attending the views of obviously biased individuals spouting against popular public and scientific opinion. Such is the duty of the fair and balanced, to give outsiders, no matter how outrageous their thoughts might seem to be, a chance to be heard and honestly considered.

My only proviso is that such diatribes must be concise, clear, entertaining, or interesting at the minimum, and keep my from the automatic slumber boredom do induce.  Unfortunately this benchmark generally proves way too lofty, and I am lulled into a state of metal repose momentarily.

I most happily concede that my scientific knowledge is not in any way universal, in  some areas my capabilities are worrying thin, but I have a degree of common sense honed by existence, a hard master indeed, that decries the easy acceptance of verbal rubbish, however prettily packaged.

Tell me your lies by all means but expect no change from the embarrassing presentations.  

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