20th February 2023

No matter the apparent success surrounding an event, there always comes a moment when the proverbial worm turns, and all imagined beneficial results ane squashed quite flat by the weight of unexpected, and more often most undeserved circumstances. Major triumphs are easily ripped asunder by the slightest adverse breeze, that quite impossibly manages to invest the interior and with flamboyant flourishes smashes the previously seeming impregnable triumph asunder.

The benefits of time and experience prepare a body for such expected adversity, ready, but never fully armor the oh so delicate flesh against the sword, lance, and maces terrible retributions. For no amount of preparedness can truly muster the resilience to endure the psychological pummeling such catastrophic misfortune can so vengefully supply.

The best defense against setback is the ability to shrug, raise the shoulders quite plainly in direct consequence, an almost blasé indifference to such unfortunate events. Takes a brave or foolish individual so be so reticent in the face of misadventure, but an ability deserving rehearsal.

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