19th February 2023

No matter the moment, mood, or necessity, Miss Harley Quinn is recognizable as herself alone, without possible confusion or unnecessary discussion. From the tips of her very vividly tinted braids, to the clownish, but always stylish, fashionable, and occasion appropriate costumes, she is the very model of distinction and jet setting trends.

Admittedly possessing a temper as variable as Gotham’s ever fluctuating physical and emotional climate, she unfailingly manages to encapsulate all that is simultaneously the very best and worst about that robustly unique and dangerous city.

That her compadres do tend towards the odd, peculiar, perhaps of no great surprise, she is after all at heart but a professional psychiatrist whose work practices have taken a slight twist and shake towards the absurd.  Life with the clown princess is flamboyant, often explosive, bordering on the very precipice of dementia, and delivering a degree of consistent danger quite sufficient to keep her pet hyenas in a constant state of exhaustive franticness.

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