18th February 2023

I am not particularly inclined towards regular romanticism; such normal behaviors leave me cold and underwhelmed. However, love affairs between unlikely partners can perk my interest extraordinarily easily. Difficult, complicated, disapproved relationships are the only varieties worthy of outright celebration in my book. Gender is the least important of qualifications for my interest, indeed, unusual mixtures of desires and physical challenges are decided mouthwatering temptations for my fickle appetite.     

Attraction between highly unsuitable characters is intellectually fascinating, the mere fact that amour can envisage a way to connect persons against all common sense and practicality is a testament to the foolishness and hopelessness of much human intimacy. Following along as minds, hearts, and souls assuredly crash and burn, is one of the social preoccupations of our species.  

Matters of love, devotion, compatibility, unity, are far beyond my understanding.  I can admire such ethereal triumphs from the boundaries, but participle, hardly ever.

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