17th February 2023

Sometimes, to truly taste the sweetness of revenge simply taking the possessions, visible assets of an entity in never quite enough. Only securing and consuming their very soul  will satisfy  the burning hunger for absolute retribution, vengeance.

The drive for retribution must satisfy many needs, a desire for equality, preferably tainted with superiority, showing a clear assertion of congruity plain to anyone, everyone, to witness and acknowledge.  Being level will not really calm the yearning, an inner feeling of accomplishment is all very fine and dandy bit without public recognition the new reality is still open to debate, dispute, open discussion.

The adversary must be squashed, overawed, made immaterial, wholly diminished, proven the lesser in every measurable dimension, even to destruction, obliteration, deletion.  Such passion supersedes any sense of parity, infringes upon criminality, presupposes an excess of metal instability, questions the future ability to   accept any degree of subordination no matter the conspicuous clarity of the circumstances.

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