16th February 2023

The reality of the existence of a Victor Frankenstein in this the twenty first century has moved for the realms of fiction to absolute certainly. The reanimation of deceased flesh, organs, limbs, has become a scientific necessity for the everyday correction, eradication, and replacement of faulty and damaged components amongst the presently injured and sickly.

The wonders of such now casual surgery have now become commonplace. No logical mind would suggests that practices transpiring in the sanctity of hidden laboratories have not resulted in the effective creation and continuance of the original life force.

Scientific research and skill has most easily outreached any existing moral and ethical rules and standards, and the ever-enquiring human mind will push the boundaries of the possible and probable, further, and further beyond the easily imaginable, or acceptable.  

Most fictional imaginings of such scenarios result in some form of anti-scientific revolution to curtail the power of the technocrats. Does our future promise thus.

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