15th February 2023

My concerns with medical practitioners are not strange or unusual, they reflect worries that all individuals must surely feel putting their wellbeing in the hands of arbitrary strangers, which in reality is exactly what a doctor is. We all throughout our lives are obliged to trust certain professions, not through personal choice but rather because of societal pressures that insist we extend that courtesy.

I personally find blank belief a difficult concept, having found that in far too many cases such profound raw faith is wholly misplaced. All persons, worthy or otherwise, have personal issues, that must on occasion take precedence over other more general considerations. Professionally qualified individuals suffer this fault with the same gravity as a mere amateur philanderers. Study the eyes of an accomplished medicant well, even the most ardent practitioner, and you will see the iris glass over quite often enough to bolster honest concerns.  

Such adequacies simply prove that human nature is irrevocably flawed and must be accepted with all of its capriciousness.

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