14th February 2023

I am an absolute fan of giving the dastardly criminal and the unfortunate utterly insane individual appropriate monikers, suitably identifying their wickedness’s, failings, and disappointing natures. An appropriate label goes far in alerting the authorities and the general public to the particular dangerousness of their personalities, as well at the devious skills they possess. Thus Mister Freeze, Joker, Catwoman, Ridder, Penguin, acquire a fully picturesque  persona, a title worthy of their very concerning abilities and disturbing qualities.  

The ranks of the evil ones are equally filled with born protagonists and the those merely molded by unfortunate circumstance, the latter often far exceeding the ’naturals’ in conniving, cunning and extraordinarily untrustworthy natures. There is no more dangerous soul than an educated devil, someone fully cognizant with their negative capabilities and pregnant threat.

Necessary the heroes and heroines have to be equally preposterous to stand a chance of defeating such magnificent malefactors and mountebanks.  

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