13th February 2023

Sad tales and homily reminiscences move me greatly, often to tears, but I nevertheless conjure to their presence.  The feel of deepest emotion soothes my feathers quite admirably, making the hours and days pass most peaceably, without the raising of ire or impatience with anything at all whatsoever, a most acceptable state of affairs, particularly in these my latter times.  

I have experienced too much annoyance in the past, generally about happenstances far beyond my personal control, a wholly fooling undertaking, without any purpose or satisfaction, for the spinning of the globe, the changing of the seasons, and multifarious other more intimate matters are concerns way above this poor mortals paygrade.

Was a time I attempted to remain oblivious to the reality of events that touched me or my meandering ways somehow influenced, but I have learned the error of such a lofty attitude. We are all very much the arbitrators of our own destinies and must accept the benefit or detriment of any activities purposefully undertaken or inadvertently set in motion.

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