11th February 2023

A quite obvious conclusion is that deep passionate love is quite as discombobulating as any other major metal disorder, a fact beyond any practical argument.  That this particular malady strikes at the core of the feminine persona with more deadly effect than within the masculine is perspicuously provable. The heart is a woman’s greatest strength, and quite absurdly her most dire weakness, proving above all else the utter contrary nature of our species compulsions.

For love, attraction, desire, lust, are fundamental urges, driven at the most basic level by a biological need to reproduce, continue, expand the species, replace the ever-diminishing effects of wear and tear on our rather unsuited physiques ability to ensure longevity.

The masculine motivation is to be the adventurer, pioneer, explorer. making him unsuitable as a constant, danger being part and parcel of his ingrained compulsion. The female has always been necessarily the root, shoot, stem of the genus, the continuance of type, form, strain, classification. The indisputable beginning and end of all.

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