10th February 2023

When the privileged crack their faults will only continue to grow, for having their illusion of perfection marred in any way steers them on the path to eventual utter destruction. The mighty fall stupendously, for living in the thin atmosphere high above the morass of humanity weakens the ability to ingest the grim air the rest of our species must endure consistently.  

Being ‘special’ is not a mark of some higher calling, rather it marks clear inadequacies, in good social conditioning, the ability to mingle, to be one with others, to cooperate, connect, influence, persuade, unite. The voice used to commanding will not ask easily, be polite, contrite, penitent. accept guilt or blame, recognize their inherent weakness.  

The elite is the least well equipped to lead, likely to be unnecessarily fool hardy and wasteful of others wellbeing’s and clear abilities.  Societies natural hierarchy is fundamentally flawed, giving power and celebrity to the unworthy, simply on the basic of possessions and familial longevity. Decay, breakdown, and revolution are the children of unnatural continuance.

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