9th February 2023

I do like slightly disturbed individuals, the almost lost souls that need but the slightest push to descend into utter lunacy. These are the object lessons on life whom demonstrates that the ledge that separates sanity and madness in incredibly narrow. One slip and any teetering mortal can change the course of their existence quite completely.  

Men tend tick quite noticeably, the changes in their temperament, attitude, and deportment becoming plainer as the ability to properly balance becomes more and more suspect.  Ladies suffer alterations less conspicuously.  Natural creatures of disguise, camouflage, deceit, the feminine ability to shield metamorphosis from observation is extraordinary. They truly are the chameleons of our species, able appear quite comfortable in the most adverse of arenas and circumstances, blending, amalgamating, coalescing, dovetailing, cunningly adopting all anticipated manners, gestures, colors, and patterns, as necessary.

I admire the dangerousness of the fallen Eve unreservedly, a girl much more entertaining than the artlessly shepherded Adam.

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