8th February 2023

The connection between madness and criminality whilst obvious is entirely misleading on many levels.  Insanity do result in all kinds of abnormal behavior, but the chance of a good percentile proving to be unlawful is slim to none. Mental issues involving unprovoked violence or unsocial activities are only a small part of the very concerning propensity for uncontrolled internal impulses that infects the populus with ever increasing frequency.   

The ingrained overlay of order that has served mankind as a template for appropriateness has noticeable diluted to the point of a being a mere figment, a homeopathic nonsense, something to be spoken of wistfully, but entirely without real merit. Supposed gains in freedoms have fatally eroded self-control, eradicated personal responsibility, made the individual but a singular link in a chain of wildness.

to the amazement of the public the asylums are not filled with murderers, rapists, thieves and hoodlums. Most of those travesties reside nestled between the rest of us in plain sight.

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