7th February 2023

I have a healthy respect for mine own sense evolution, a realization that some odd portion of me can sense the likelihood of future events, the longevity of situations, the possible threat of from the unknown, the chance of the unforeseen. Not in a magical way you must understand, prescience does not fill me with powers sublime, rather I can piece together inferences, maybes, feelings, inklings, making reasonable assertions, thoughtful extensions, that more often than not will prove somewhat accurate.

This base internal sense is not special, does not suggest I possess any select faculty. I would suggest it is wholly available for any person to indulge, it they are willing to allow the tentacles of imagination to roam free, without the hindrance of the false barriers of logic and normal perspective, that anchor us to but one spot on the vast ocean of feasibility, opportunity.  

Realists are comfortably in a harbor, loading and unloading goods. ideas, achievements, before daring to cast off in search of amenable climes and superior acquisitions.  Dreamers are happiest in open anchorages.

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