3rd February 2023

There are certain individuals that no matter the occasion, the event, anniversary, will scramble for the attention of the camera, posing quite blatantly at every given opportunity in the vain misconception that their mesmeric charms will attract the lens indefatigably. Such persons are of very little real consequence, rather opaque, overly self-possessed, pointedly also rans in any charge towards fame and fortune, relying on their manufactured photogenic presentation for any hope of lasting longevous remembrance.  

Such theatrical seconds exist in the constant shadow of the true stars, who simply are meteoric, undeniably, unavoidably, without obvious attitude, posture, masquerade, over presentation, The celebrity in a view will always illuminate, without need for sordid pretense, pantomime worthy presentation, garish costumery, austere or condescending expression.

Appearance is ever ninety percent of the art of superiority. Forever presenting the essence of import, uniqueness, ascendancy, position, and all matters of intrinsic consequence.

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