29th January 2023

My capacity to be shocked by conversation has increased quite profoundly. Was a time I found it easy to turn a deaf ear to almost anything, inclusive of profanity, ignorance, stupidity, accepting that this was the cost of mixing a humanity whose qualities of politeness and taste are tainted beyond hope of redemption. My weariness with these faults has multiplied lately, perhaps mine own difficulties communicating have highlighted the true banality of much I listen too, indulge, attend, recognize.  

Casual gossip I totally embrace, harmless asides indulge most happily, indeed, chatter can be most welcome if the only regular voice experienced is your own rattling around aimlessly inside your cranium.  I do make a point of listening to others religiously whenever I can, to simple breathing if nothing more is available, cos even that is a proof of a existence beyond the solitary. As good as reason for owning and cherishing companion animals as any.   

Humans do not do well in insolation.  ‘Tis a torture most cruel, a punishment well deserved for the squandering other choices.

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