28th January 2023

I attempt to be more or less an open book, share my present experiences and circumstances as they transpire, without presence or dramatic effect, as I have long decided that honesty is far from the most conducive manner of being. Anyone wanting to know whom I was, from whence I came, will be largely unlucky in that pursuit, for the mystery of my making remains shrouded in the darkness it well deserves.

The few that knew me well two or three decades ago are quite as fleeing as me, hard to pin down, explore, for we all lived in a time before social media, pre-google, the unfortunate invasiveness  that is the internet, when rumor and hearsay where explicitly  more truthful that was particularly comfortable to admit.

My perspectives reflect the scars that have been deep carved into living flesh by circumstances, chance, happenstances and interaction, a whole glossary of life, love, pain, pleasure, tragic losses, and joyful gains, The seven ages of man gathered into one living, breathing heart and soul, dissected, and displayed for your edification.

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