27th January 2023

Occasionally I am forced to confront the depths of slovenliness that individuals will allow themselves to sink too. I am constantly horrified by the overwhelmingly huge number of persons  whom barely comprehend let  alone achieve the lowest rank of the civilized. Laziness is a disease of mind and body, quite obvious to a keen observer, through the perpetrators appearance, demeaner, clarity, ability to integrate into a society expectant of certain standard of behviour physical and intellectual.

Judgementalism is frowned upon in a society obsessed with inclusivity, privacy, and human rights. Fascinatingly such realms whilst seeming superficially equalizing will often allow extraordinary disparities in the acceptance and integration of races, sexes, classes, religions, or political perspectives.

Self-betterment, pride, ambition, perseverance, are never truly negative qualities, but can be easily classified so by a bourgeoisie clamoring, bitterly wrestling, for acceptance in some endless financial hierarchical struggle.

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