26th January 2023

I go to great trouble to avoid suffering the sin of gullibility, to a point where I often am obliged to be overly questioning, appear suspicious, aggressively cynical. This defense is not a position chosen from a trait of character, rather the simple realization that persons are in general inclined to present positions that whilst vaguely feasible are in actuality entirely false. erroneous, intended to mislead, misdirect, connive, exploit, dupe.

Was a time such cunning deceits were the province to the immoral politician, a comedic artist, an exceptional actor, anyone whose stock in trade was so cruelly of playfully impose their own chosen reality upon the spectator, the victim. for intrinsic gain, joint amusement, or perhaps just a means towards some form of twisted personal satisfaction.  

With hand of heart I can state with honesty that I would adore to be able believe every morsal dribbling from the mouths of complete strangers, such would make the universe much easier at endure with positivity and open mindedness. But todays fashion is to promote skepticism, incredulousness, uncertainty. C’est la vie.

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