25th January 2023

Imagination, illusion, make believe, are wonderous things, to be cherished, adored, nourished, constantly, unendingly.  I exercise mine generously, allow them to flourish, expand, communicate, through all my senses, to rule nn many levels, to lead the heart and souls on a soaring journey of enlightenment.

Being a weaver of fantasy my vivid capacity for invention allows a wonderful range of absurdities to spout forth from any seed thrust into the soil of my furtive mind. A most useful coincidence of fate, a happy benefaction of otherwise unfortunate inherent delusion. My stories always have a touch of the absurd, even if they are entirely factual, for there is nothing more ridiculous than the whole truth when met head-on in a cataclysmic collision.

A constant challenge is the relationship between any purposeful falsehood and the unconscionable mortal sin of lying, a differential only mitigated by intent, whether the purpose is harmless, say to entertain, or downright evil, to use, abuse, chastise and belittle.

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