24th January 2023

There are certain habits I continue that indicate exactly my linage, coming as they do directly from my parents and prior antecedents. I have never pandered to these echoes, in fact for many years considered the thought of being typecast, branded thus,  quite appalling. Apart from my obvious more than slight resemblance to my father’s   linage   most of the hand-me-downs would be virtually unnoticeable to a casual observer, but to me, being a product of the genes, they are most obvious, bordering on the irritating, definitively spooky.  

My voice, when twas still powerful and clear, was most distinctively familial, my cough and sneeze are still powerfully identifiable, my yawn is exactly the same as the previous two male generations at minimum.  

The greatest sameness’s I keep very secret, for these include the thoughts, prejudices, inclinations, that are ingrained into my every consideration, and scar my eternal soul.  These generalities I cannot erase, only control, fight against, apologize for, ensure they never gain the capacity to overwhelm or dilute my better nature.

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