23rd January 2023

There are two distinct ways to windsurf. The first is in an aggressive manner, tacking often and sharply, driving hard into the teeth of the wind, retaining a tight sail, a style that ensures a kind of battering reminiscent of a thoroughly disconcerting ride upon an ancient and wobbly Blackpool mouse themed carnival ride. The much more serene alternative is to relax, enjoy both view and steady progress with an air of endless gratitude for the intense pleasure such a wondrous experience can administer to psyche and soul.

The second alternative did always seem to me far more preferable, much like relaxed snowboarding do feed, all the finest of pleasure components without the risk of any unnecessary harm or fright befalling.

Weather as not a force to be trifled with, and both snowfall and wind are easily capable of causing severe injury and inconvenience to what is comparatively the very feeble human physique. Picking the most suitable opponents is a great skill, one to be carefully honed throughout the span of a well-structured lifetime.

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