22nd January 2023

For the longest time I was horribly capable of saying too much, rather loudly, with a lot of seeming authority,  much about nothing important at all, a  canvas blank of import, substance, except for the glorification of mine own hollow words and paraphrase’s. We humans are excellent at pontificating, lecturing, suggesting or more correctly insisting that others follow our lead, our very forceful suggestions.  Quite accidentally, or perhaps coincidentally, we are truly lax in our the ability to listen, to study another’s chain of thought, their incisiveness, opinions, considerations. Much of the time conversation is but a one way street,   a most unfortunate state of affairs if any form of common ground or committed fraternity is to be achieved.

Most surreal that the ability to talk should become a moat of negativity barring meaningful interaction, fermenting disharmony, feeding misunderstanding, offence, and social distancing.  

My appreciation for silence grows exponentially, ‘tis indeed golden, most affirming, coalescing, homogenizing.

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