21st January 2023

Just imagine you wake to suddenly to realize, to appreciate, that everything that has transpired on your life in the last twenty-four hours has been inexplicably connected, arranged, planned, by a mysterious but overwhelming force that has, to you now certain knowledge, a design in place for all that will continue to unravel moving forward. That your illusion of free will is just totally imaginary, you are in reality but a puppet those strings move, or simply twitch, at the whim of a supreme controller.

You laugh, shrug, think to yourself that this is a stupid idea, and stretching you hand outwardly coincidently touch the very object that is needed to commit to the immediately following happening of in the grand plan. Outside your home you can hear the weather building, moving unstoppably towards exactly the day you know it will be, with every nuisance, exactitude, obliging the need for every item of clothing you will be forced to illustrate, like some Parisian catwalk model, for a noticeably surprised universe outside your small, secure abode, moving unhesitatingly forward towards your now fated goal, and its foreseeable consequences.  

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