19th January 2023

The amazing thing about shaggy dog stories it that the beast will invariably travel full circle to arrive back to lay upon exactly the same stained piece of carpet that the mutt departed from    so very long ago. The tale will deviate occasionally to remain suitably vague, but the careful listener will notice the slightest discrepancy in detail and store that knowledge against the assured forthcoming distorted revisions.

I have a mountainous aversion to falsehood, a dislike based upon lifetimes experience with verbal perfidiousness.  Some fabrication, invention, we are obliged to accept as unavoidable misspeak, but a constant barrage of such concoction points to a lack of courteousness, respect, that is beyond acceptable bounds. Under such provocative circumstances any form of required recompence will be vast, and highly unlikely to erase the original offence, insult.

There is a wonderful expression in the English language about revenge being a response best served cold. I have a wonderous freezer full of preprepared goodies for such circumstances.

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