18th January 2023

Obsession and ambition   are a dangerous combination, particularly when driven by a deep need to make a singular mark within the annals of history. Leaps of faith are taken, dangers ignored, advices cast aside,  patent truths corrupted by an  insistence on following the unconventional path no matter how extreme the possible consequences.  The misguided scientist might perceive illusion as reality, an abstract side effect as a direct   consequence, place the desire for discovery above the sanctity of existing knowledge.

Victor Frankenstein is the ideal example of a worthy soul lost upon the impossible quest for a complete understanding of the intricacies the relationship between base humanity and the universe.   

A brilliant scholar, a doctor of medicine of some distinction, he allowed himself to follow a false promise, that  electrical stimulus was the originator of the spark of life prevalent wherever he looked. We can now fully appreciate his concept was very close to the breakthrough he desired, but so very far away from the actuality of creation.   

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