17th January 2023

The vampires natural companion is the werewolf, also a changeling, with similar predatorial skills, but whose appetite stretches to flesh as well as simple gore. Both historically originate from the Carpathian mountainous regions and are damned creatures without any hope of being saved or any meaningful form of redemption.

The werewolf begats transformation under the glare of the new moon, that magical orb drawing forth the vile and violent monster that otherwise lays hidden beneath the veneer of an everyday human being, quite often a quiet gentle soul whose possessed state flies hard against their natural born characteristics.  The only guaranteed way to bring an end to such a creature is a terminal wound from a silver bullet, cast for ideal effect from the melted remnants of a consecrated Roman Catholic crucifix.

The keen hunter of both devilish breeds will necessarily have many such religious trinkets to hand, for a rood can prove equally efficient at temporarily holding a less powerful vampire at bay for some short measure of time.

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