15th January 2023

Prince Dracula committed offenses to enforce terror and obedience with a casualness than decries any belief in natural empathy, the Red Queen does the same amongst her subjects and playing cards equally unthinking. Life, or exactly death more exactly, has no meaning or real value beyond the proof of their ultimate power and unnatural willingness to expunge life quite forcibly upon a simple whim, a fleeting impulse.

Prince and Queen would appear to savor their ability to judge and meet out justice with great affection, using their capital discretion freely and with visible  satisfaction. Dracula favors feasting amidst the impaled bodies of his newest victims, their screams of pain seemingly aiding his digestion, whilst the Red Queen, perhaps less visually bloodthirsty, leaves the headsman to perform his decapitating craft in her immediate wake.

The sharing of a trail of victims would seem to be a most conspicuous similarity, that one is horror real, the over surreal fiction much less meaninful. Humanities fascination with bloody mayhem shines from both exemplars.

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