14th January 2023

There is no single historical suggestion that Vlad III Dracula was a Godless man, indeed he was widely perceived as the savior of Orthodox Christianity in the face of the extreme threat of Muslim domination by the mighty Ottoman sultanate. There can be no doubt that he would have toyed with the thought of conversion during his long childhood political internment at the court of Murad II in Constantinople, such a simple switch would have much improved his conditions and standing, no proof of any such consideration has evidentiary merit.

‘Twas during his confinement within the Topkapi Palace that the streak of cruelty already present within such a precocious offspring began to produce the buds that would eventually blossom into his infamous excess of barbarity. Fifteenth century Transylvania was a dark despotic land, but even so was brightest sunlight compared to the devious and dastardly happenings daily inflicted within the confines of the Otteman capitals many minarets, mosques, and voluminous dungeons. Vlad arrived a somewhat sorely prince but left an Impaler.

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