13th January 2023

The majority of my moral and ethical considerations were quite fixed by the time I reached the age of five or six. With the exception of the usual lessons in manners and politeness that were handed down from parents, guardians, nannies and nurses the vast percentile of my social education was derived from watching children’s television from four to five in the afternoon daily. There was not a lot of programming choice, but two national channels, one government produced and other commercial.

The shows were very cute, bland, with a decided educational twist. Television was very much a new amusement for the masses, the magic had to yet worn off, so a child seated cross legged in front the set could still be anticipated to drink in every nuance that was so pristinely broadcast.  

The action was delivered by glove puppets or marionettes controlled by well-dressed ladies and gentlemen, terribly well spoken, and with a line of polite conversation that exactly exemplified the most conducive language and behavior for a well-mannered and consolidated society.

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