12th January 2023

I have no objection or extreme criticism of any special belief you might have your own good reasons to acknowledge or pursue, every fool is allowed their place in the crack pottery, without especial attention to their foibles. Such is the wholly splendid rule of acceptance, which simply states that if you can find value in shingle,  then foreshore is will be your endless treasury, and you are a very wealthy soul indeed.

Following and vindicating odd areas of   perspective is one of my things, particularly in the way that understanding the vagaries of fictional scenarios can help elucidate otherwise complex realities.  The library shelves are filled with most manner of relevant solutions to almost impossible circumstances, if the mind is allowed to wander freely and unfettered amongst the information readily stockpiled cover to cover.

Open-mindedness is not excuse for gullibility, Fact remains certitude, illusion continues as fantasy. A large pinch of salt is necessary, to sort the barely possible from wayward chaff. A simple viability meter, a real perception of the nature of cattle manure.

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