10th January 2023

As with much other post Shakespearean literature the more exotic verbiage employed in the ‘Snark’ for example is simply a case of very lucid author invention, thankfully with a little more flair than the maestro himself ever showed with his oft clumsy rhymes and metonyms. Nineteenth century nonsense particularly reaches a level of excellence of invention and purpose, only to be challenged by recent efforts in the realm of comic book expletives and personalized strangeness.

Do I leap too far by comparing a Stan Lee to a fledgling Lewis Carroll or Edward Lear? In respect to any ongoing alterations and additions to the global common dictionary I think not.  

‘Tis regrettably sad that pure literary invention has once more achieved a mainstream footing with the youngest of generations only to belittled, trivialized, and largely ignored by an academic elite whom do still insist on the wholesale glorification of earlier proponents of the very same arts and   skills. Does smack of arcane intellectual bigotry to a poor amateur philosopher like myself.

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