6th January 2023

Alice should be considered a most precocious child, inquisitive, forthright, quite capable of being aggressive or defensive in both conversation and action, easily adapting to unusual or new circumstances, never easily overawed, or out phased, all in all the quite exactly perfect girl to be to send on a wild goose or white rabbit chase.

Any fear is very sensibly controlled by Alice’s innate sense of possibility and probability, a cunning filter that makes all her many adventures remain in the realm of the interesting and entertaining rather than scary or threatening.  The stories are beloved by adult and youngster alike for their ability to take our indignation to the very edge of the absurd but to never tip us off the cliff of believability.

A childlike sense of wonderment is one of humanities most precious possessions, and unquestionably our species primary route to the eternal advancement of education and enlightenment, a constant divination of all manner of intricacies, those elemental and experimental.  

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