5th January 2023

I have a string conviction that there are a but a finite number of favors in this world, and each one of us is only due the quantity fate has acceded us though some unbeknownst circumstance. To call for more than is tabled as our due is to challenge providence herself and throw serendipities whole arithmetical calculation into serious doubt.

There are some misguided souls that insist rightly or wrongly that their share of good providence should be more abundant than many others.  Such misconceptions are oft driven by an unfortunate single morsal or run of bad luck, resulting in some permanent misadventure. Unfortunately for their future ease mathematics do not work like this, ‘tis a cruel science, harsh, without advantage or consideration for the needy.  

Whilst having some degree of sympathy for the devil is a totally understandable and admirable human weakness, it increasingly unbalances the already badly teetering rock perched so high, which do momentarily threaten the vast majority of our race who frantically scratch away a meager subsistence far below the Olympian heights.

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