4th January 2023

Just occasionally the issues than vex us in this complex universe are incredibly minuscule, warranting very little attention whatsoever, just sufficient to remedy actual issue, that fundamental problem, not a one single jot more or less.

People tend to be far too clever for their own good, like to ponder such trials endlessly, dissecting, and rejoining faults till the original question is drowned in a font of unnecessary mystification. The fly in the ointment simply requires removal, the grain of sand in a jug of water but basic filtering. These solutions are self-evident, have been since the dawn of time, no amount of extra contemplation will make a pane of glass any clearer. Just give the smeared surface a cursory wipe with a damp cloth.   

Once there was a principle called common sense that could facilitate the unfastening the most complicated Gordian knot without necessitating the irreversible use for a sharp knife to the offending ligature away. Plain simplistic manual dexterity controlled momentarily by a clear and concise mind.

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