3rd January 2023

Every New Year rings in with tremendous hope, marvelous expectation of how much and how quickly the universe might change for the better. Then come a creeping realization of disappointment, that nothing alters without defining human intervention, and the powers that be have no particular wish to change very much at all, as long as their private nests are nicely feathered.

Very occasionally the masses will arise without permission and process change independently, but the authorities will necessarily be obstructive, complain bitterly at the audacity of the commoner, revoking any lasting improvements if at all possible, The hierarchy demands longevity, insists upon obedience underlings, will enforce the status quo against right to the very brink of a civil war, sometimes even beyond the outbreak of open conflict.  

Our world is severely divided between the haves and the have nots. Falsehoods will attempt wholeheartedly to convince you that this separation shrinks, when in reality the gap continually broadens, for such is the design and proclaimed will of the system.

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