2nd January 2023

I have always tended to treat a new year exactly as you would a new pair shoes, do not anticipate feeling entirely comfortable at first, and decidedly do not walk too far till the leather is pleasantly softened against the ender skin beneath. A lot of folks will simply stride out to goodness knows where, ignoring any tightness, a little pinching, till the friction and pain have caused some seriously unpleasant damage. Once hurt the feet are inclined to withdraw themselves from service for a while, a most inconvenient situation.

 Good sense a suggests careful considerate breaking in of boots and Januarys, till a good sense of the inherent feel is fully understood, comprehended. Not dipping toes into the stream before the temperature is understood do go against human nature, we are a people in a rush, eager to perceive and try everything without delay, to eat all goodies, quaff any beverages, patience is not a virtue we consider worthy of single contemplation, certainly not constant practice.  2023 will thereby be a constant surprise, an Aladdin’s cave of the unknown, every quality that humans find impossible to circumnavigate.

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