31st December 2022

Behold, the dawn of a new year, hopefully wiping the slate clean of all the trials and tribulations than have befallen   mankind in this year that was 2022. Do note, I have carefully avoided including womankind in my ponderings, as though I do strongly believe in you striving for equality we are not quite there yet, so the male of the species must squarely bear the comeuppance for all the woes that has transpired thus far.

In the long history of years since inception ’22 was not a real corker, the twelve months including few lowlights, but nothing comparable to the COVID poxed years ’19, ’20, and ’21. Indeed, twas possibly the beginning of the long haul back to some form of our previous normality, a maskless and much more crowded party, with everyone remotely available heartily invited.

In hindsight these last twelve months will undoubtedly fade into obscurity very easily, overshadowed by much brighter more fulsome occasions wafting in with the perfect aroma to moisten the palate.

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