30th December 2022

Equality do seem a terribly good aim, indeed it is quite reasonable to anticipate that all persons should be treated similarly, as far as is practical and possible.  This does not mean that our species survival does have necessitated hierarchy’s, such artificial divisions are needed, and must be accepted, for the successful and continual operation of all branches of society. Some separations arise from superiority, an employer will have a higher position than an employee, an officer is recognized as a more exalted rank than a serviceman. These and many similar forms of precedence are self-explanatory and are readily accepted by all ‘cept the most inclined towards finite anarchism.

Civilization in is continuance has created multiple another social stratum. Rulers atop the hoy palloi, parents above their offspring, professionals outstripping amateurs, elder’s senior to all those of lesser years. These varied   societal pecking orders indicate respect, honor, recognition, accrued experience gained though the fundamental but profound expediency of survival.

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