27th December 2022

By long experience I have gleaned that Madam Fortune is remarkably fickle, and ever ready with gratuitous rejoinders for any favor she be inclined to temporary endow. Unfailingly be aware that the clenched fist she invariably conceals behind her back contains the direst opposite qualities to the open palm she flaunts so temptingly before your eternally grateful eyes.

The ride, whatever direction fates journey chooses to take, will be entertaining, possibly dangerous, painful, and of limited actual permanence, but that is basically true of any forms of sentiency that might arise.  Hang on tight, stand firm in the stirrup, enjoy the view, this might well represent the ultimate vista you will ever observe.

Recognize that all luck is abstract, there is no rhyme or reason to be followed, no preferred purpose or outcome, chance will wander where she wishes, dally at her leisure, change as suits the whim of her mysterious logic, to fulfill a plan only the Mistress herself will ever truly know or comprehend. Be content, settle and witness the ultimate excursion.

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